We are wholly owned and operated by Banana Baby at St Peters.  We are located 10 minutes from Sydney CBD.

Due to customer demands and convenience we are now an Authorised Restraint Fitting Station and hire Baby Capsules.

We are an premium baby capsule hire business.  We only stock the best quality and provide the best service.  

Using a restraint correctly greatly increases a child's safety during a crash. Placing a child in a restraint that is designed for a larger/older child increases the risk of serious injury in a crash. Ensure the restraint is installed correctly. Teach your child to always keep both arms within the harness system of the child seat or the seat belt of the booster seat. When using a seat belt with a booster, ensure the seat belt is correctly fitted over the child’s shoulder.

SydneyBabyHire.com.au is a website of Banana Baby for hire products and car restraint installation services.