We are an authorised child car seat fitting station.  All our fitters are experienced in fitting all models of child car seats into any type of motor vehicle.


Let's Get Started:

1.  Come to our store or call to ensure a fitter is available at your times.

2.  See staff at the counter at Banana Baby and make payment for the fitting.

3.  Drive your car into the fitting station.  Entry via Edith Lane.

4.  Your baby capsule or child car seat will be fitted.  Installation may take between 10 to 20 minutes.  The installer will also demonstrate to you how to use the car seat.


What to bring:

1. The child car seat or capsule to be installed including any parts.

2.  (Optional) Bring a towel or a mat to protect your car.  We may also use the towel to adjust the recline of your child seat.  Otherwise, we have towels and car seat mats you can purchase.


Car Seat Fitting

Car Restraint Installation only

Installation of Capsules, Rearward Facing, Forward Facing and Boosters using adult sealt belt and pre-installed anchor point.  Also, installation of ISOFIX car restraints.

The installation service does not includes parts or accessories.


Mon-Fri  $40


Sat-Sun  $50

 Locking Clip/Gated Buckle

A Locking Clip is not a legal requirement.  This locking clip is fitted to the lap sash seat belt to keep the restraint firmly fitted. Your child seat should not come loose over time and you do not need to re-fit the restraint continually to make sure it is tight.





 300mm or 600mm Extension Straps

Required when the restraints tether strap is unable to reach to the vehicles anchor point. Common for older hatchbacks , station wagons and some SUV's.


 From $20

Anchor Point Installation

Some cars do not have anchor points.  Or, some cars only have one centre anchor point.  Majority of cars will have sufficient anchor points preinstalled.


Assembly of Washed Child Car Seat

We do not offer a car seat cleaning service.  But, we do offer the service of dressing up your baby capsule or car seat correctly.

Whether it's a case of cleaning an old car seat ready for a new baby or your baby made a huge mess and you needed to pull apart the seat and wash it, we can correctly assemble your seat back to a safe state.

Bring all the washed parts and we will assemble it for you.