Sydney Baby Hire - Child Car Seat Specialist


All Vehicle Types

Any Brand of Car Seat

Safety Checked

Child Car Seat Fitting

Monday - Friday

Child Car Seat Fitting
Parts or accessories not included


Saturday - Sunday

Child Car Seat Fitting
Parts or accessories not included


Old & New

We install all car seats purchased from our store and also car seats your purchased elsewhere.  We fit old and new car seats.

Parts / Accessories & Other Service

Most installation of Child Car Seat can be done without additional parts.  Some car seats and some older model cars may need additional parts for correct installation.

Locking Clip - $10

May be required on non-isofix installations or older model cars and child seats

Tether Extension Strap - from $29

May be required when the restraints tether strap is unable to reach to the vehicles anchor point

Anchor Point Installation - $20

May be required for some older cars or commercial vehicles

Car Seat Protector Mat - from $25

Protect your new car or leather seats from potential damage

Assembly of Washed Child Car Seat - $19

Correctly assemble your washed car seat parts back to a safe state. We do not offer a car seat cleaning service